Geelong Workplace Trends

Who doesn’t want to know what other business around Geelong get up to? Well, thanks to a new Geelong HR survey, commissioned by Gforce Employment Solutions and compiled by Elisa Walerys, you can get a glimpse… well, you can see what HR trends are changing our workplaces.

Gforce CEO, Rob Birch, launched the Geelong Workplace Trends survey at this week’s Geelong Business Network breakfast.

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In the meantime, here’s a bit of a snapshot of some of the survey’s findings.

For instance, everyone surveyed used online platform SEEK when advertising new roles, just over half used LinkedIn and only 25% were using print advertising.


Looking to boost the talent pool in your business or organisation? These three items are where your offer should be focused:

  1. Remuneration – show them the money!
  2. Development – no one enjoys being bored or stuck in a rut at work
  3. Flexibility – and that’s for men and women of all ages.

Apart from flexibility, job seekers (or employees looking to stay, and aren’t these the ones you really want to value?) are pretty non-fussed about other benefits. If you want them, and want to keep them, focus on your organisation’s reputation, values and providing job security.


Are you worried that a robot’s going to take your job? Start rethinking your choice of news outlets. It just isn’t happening. In fact, a measly 13% of local employers said technology had seen them reduce jobs – and weigh that 13% against the net job rise in the region.


And when it comes to casual Friday, apparently it’s every day. I know I’m working in my workout gear … But seriously, the old business suit only need come out for functions and job interviews these days, and maybe not even then. Over two-thirds (69%) of businesses surveyed said their dress code had shifted to casual or business casual. And that is just another thing to be celebrated (um, maybe not by wearing workout gear to the office … unless you’re a personal trainer).

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